On the Same Team Advancing the Kingdom: Part 2

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Part 2: On the Same Team Advancing the Kingdom.

If we are all about advancing the Kingdom why aren’t we recognizing we are on the same team? I wrestled with this question for years seeing the damage of competition, comparison, and insecurities in the church worldwide. I passionately pursued solutions and revelation as I am convinced, together we can have the greatest impact. I was determined to be the change I wanted to see.

As I passionately pursued answers revelation came so quickly. I believe this is a word of empowerment and encouragement for the church. Let’s look at a story in the bible of someone who stopped recognizing they were on the same team.

David and Saul:

In 1 Samuel 17, David killed Goliath. Aware of David’s great success, Saul began to send him out on missions. Whatever mission David was sent on, he succeeded in advancing Saul’s kingdom. So Saul set David up for success by putting him in the right position to have the greatest impact as a high officer of his army. David and Saul were on the same team, right? They were working well together advancing the kingdom until something happened.

When the men were returning home after David killed the Philistine, the women came out from all the towns of Israel to meet King Saul, singing and dancing with songs of joy on musical instruments. They were having a joyous parade. As they danced, they sang:

Saul has slain his thousands,

and David his tens of thousands. (1Sam.18:7 NIV)

At that moment Saul stopped seeing David as an ally and a teammate, and suddenly David became a threat. In order to uphold his status and remove the competition, Saul had David removed. With David on his team, they were both great and advancing the kingdom, causing everyone to benefit from the victory. In reality, they were both winning. But Saul lost sight of that in his jealousy and insecurity.

Saul was being compared to David. I can understand how this could have upset Saul. Who enjoys being compared to someone else or having their victories belittled? It is vital to be careful how we talk about one another. We should not compare one’s greatness or victories to another. We often lose sight of what matters when we are compared to others.  Or compare ourselves with others. In moments like these, we need to recognize that we are on the same team. We do that by shifting our focus from ourselves to our greatest goal and vision: advancing His kingdom so the earth will be filled with His glory. If Saul had kept his focus on what really mattered, he would not have wasted his time trying to get rid of David. Together they could have had an even greater impact. They could have been unstoppable and had an ever advancing and increasing kingdom. Together we can have the greatest impact.

It is vital to ask the Father in these moments about His thoughts for you and your significance and importance of your role. As leaders, spiritual fathers and mothers our goal is to raise great, powerful leaders. Saul lost sight of his role as a father. What would it have looked like if Saul saw the importance of his role in Davids life by being a good spiritual father? Preparing David to be king? Setting him up for Success? In doing so he would have also set His Kingdom up for Success. And together being on the same team they would have had the greatest impact advancing the kingdom.

Read more of how to destroy competition, comparison, and insecurities in my book Arise, Shine and Be Revealed. Let nothing hold you back – Arise Shine, and Be Revealed! 



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You are part of this great movement of His sons and daughters arising, shining into every realm of influence advancing His Kingdom. However, there are enemies and adversaries that come against the movement and our ability to arise into greatness. One of the worst enemies of this great movement is not realizing we are on the same team.

As Christians, we believe we are one body, family, and community. Living in community together we believe we are all on the same team. However, in the churches around the world, competition, jealousy, comparison, and insecurity destroy what we are building. They come and rob our hearts and minds, disconnecting us and causing us to withdraw from one another. We become concerned with losing our place, believing our role is not necessary, or thinking that others could do it better. These lies have caused us to stop and not take ground. When we buy into these lies, our impact is weakened, and we subtly withhold our support from others.

I am convinced that the more we believe in and support one another, the greater the impact we will have. If we are truly about our Father’s business, about advancing His Kingdom and increasing this movement, we must fight back. We must face any insecurity, thoughts or lies that pop up, not being ashamed of it by pressing it down or covering it up. I want to take you on a journey of how to destroy competition, comparison, jealousy, any insecurity or lie that may pop up and empower you.

Read more in my book Arise, Shine, and Be Revealed. And stay tuned for Part 2: On the Same Team Advancing the Kingdom. I would love to hear your thoughts! Comment below.

-Miranda de Bruin



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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Enjoy your time with family and loved ones! Peace, comfort and an awareness of His Presence; as He lives inside of you. What a great reason to celebrate and overflow with joy. “I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.” Luke 2:10 NIV

Declaring this new year be filled with promises and desires fulfilled in your life! Life-changing encounters of Who He truly is and His heart for you.

With love,
Huub and Miranda


Welcome to Huub & Miranda’s ‘Home’ Site

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Welcome to our ‘Home’ site. We want to welcome you and open up our ‘Home’ to you. As we open our ‘Home’, we open our hearts to share our lives and words of encouragement with you.  We hope to meet you here and share words that will encourage, strengthen, refresh and empower you. So grab a cup a joe or tea, relax, snuggle up and receive all that He has for you. We invite you in the journey we’re on and are excited to meet here to share it with you. We do enjoy a two-way conversation and relationship so please share what happens in your hearts as we share ours with you. Cheers to the great adventures that await us! And the adventures we get to enjoy together!

With love,

Miranda and Huub


Arise, Shine, and Be Revealed is now available!

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It is my joy to announce that my book Arise, Shine, and Be Revealed is available worldwide on Amazon! Friday, September 23rd we went live on amazon and I also received the first 100 copies of my book. September 23rd is the anniversary of the day I left America and came to the Netherlands. Amazing that it landed on that day. Made it extra special.

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